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The wait is finally over!

Cantanhede plays host to the the first aerobic gymnastics World Cup of the year, and it’s set to be a fierce affair.

After a long time waiting, the competitors return in 2021, and while there were many countries unable to attend, we were still able to see some of the finest athletes across the European and world stage. Now, after shaking off their nerves, they’re all ready to give it their all in 2022.

One particularly exciting category to look out for in Cantanhede will be the senior IM, with it being as competitive as ever. So in anticipation of the event we would like to mention the 4 athletes to look out for in this category, and why we see them finishing on the podium.

4. Lucas Barbosa

Kicking things off we have Lucas Barbosa from Brazil, looking to once again show the World Cup dominance that he demonstrated in 2018. After a highly successful 2021, winning the Panamerican cup and claiming a bronze at the world championships , we believe this year will be another success. One of the most popular athletes around, Lucas draws the crowds in with his captivating showmanship, and has many fans from across the world. We believe he could have one of the finest performances of the competition.

3. Davide Nacci

Next up we have Davide Nacci of Italy, who is gaining more and more attention as a top athlete. The 2021 European bronze medalist will be travelling with a lot of optimism for this year, after years of being an established Italian athlete, he is now ready to announce himself as one of the worlds finest. Not only known for talent, Nacci is recognised for his passion for the sport when competing, often seen putting every ounce of power into celebrating his score. We can see him once again being on the podium this time round, but in which place? That’s down to him.

2. Miquel Mane

Another strong suggestion for a podium charge is the reigning world champion, Miquel Mane. At only 19 years old, the Spaniard has shot up the rankings, and is no longer just a bright prospect. Often loved for his routines unique styles, he is an athlete who we’re sure will have no problem adjusting to the new CofP. No stranger to success, we expect Mane to take full advantage of the limited entries in Cantanhede, taking home an IM medal.

1. Ivan Veloz

Our final suggestion, the master among students, Mexican athlete Ivan Veloz. After years as a senior, he is by far the most experienced, and most successful athlete in this competitions category. 2 bronze and 1 gold medal earned across 3 consecutive world championships, a plethora of World Cup medals, Veloz is one of the greatest this category has ever seen. While there are many athletes who are incredibly talented, we see Ivan as the best suited to take home the gold medal this weekend, as one of the best executed routines of the competition.

We would also like to give an honourable mention to Rui Cansado, who is quickly gaining traction as a very talented performer. We highly recommend all to see his performances this weekend.

So, that’s our top picks for this issue of the Cantanhede World Cup. However we would like to add that for all athletes competing this week, we wish the best of luck to you! To be selected to travel to this event is a great honour, and we are sure you will all do your nations proud.

On a final note, we would like to express our support towards all of our Ukrainian gymnastic friends and everything they are fighting through. There is no glory in a battle worth the blood it costs , and we can only wish for the safest futures for all of those effected. Together we are stronger, and now is the time to stand together.


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