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What to expect from the senior IW final

After an incredibly strong set of displays today, unfortunately we will only be able to see 8 of these talented ladies in the final. We were blessed with some incredible scores today, with the lowest qualifying score being 20.600, we saw a lot of incredibly talented gymnasts miss out on a place in the final such as Ana Maria Stoilova and Tamires Silva.

Leading the charts today was Akhisar born athlete Ayse Onbasi, with a tremendous score of 21.800. with the third highest difficulty score, is was her immaculate execution and dynamic performance that truly brought about her success in qualifications. With only one night to adapt themselves, can anyone catch up to her?

Second and third place were occupied by Daria and Teodora of Russian and Romania, who both scored 21.600, with Teodora edging her competitor by having the higher execution score. While the Romanian athlete showed her talents in all areas of her score, Daria particularly showed off her impeccable strength and power with an astonishing difficulty score of 4.050. If anyone is to climb above Onbasi for the world title, we would tip Daria to do so.

Outside of the top 3 we also had Darina Pashova of Bulgaria, who despite having a fault in her routine was still able to qualify in the fifth position. Despite her fault she was still Able to score 8.750 on execution, showing how she is capable of putting up an execution score second to none on her day. We would love to see her flourish in the final, and boost up the rankings into a possible medal position.

Finally, we have the athletes ranked sixth to eighth. While both Belen Guillemot and Sara Cutini put up strong displays, however we believe the one with the most potential to improve their performance tomorrow is Anna Bullo. Proven in the past as one to run through as the underdog, we can see her leaping above many to reach a medal position, just like in 2018.

It is important that we acknowledge the hard work, commitment and desire to win that every participant to this category has shown in preparation for this competition. While there are only three medals to take home, simply being a competitor at the higher stage is a huge testament to they ability and work rate.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on the category, who do you think could win, medal or final for this competition?

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