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IW Finals WCH 2022

The tremendous energy filled the arena as eight incredibly deserving athletes took to the floor for the IW final.

In a spectacular show of talent, it was Anastasiia Kurashvili (UKR) who rose to the top, becoming the new World Champion of the IW category. The quote by Kurashvili, ‘it is impossible not to want it, it is impossible not to strive for it’, connects us to her dedication and passion under difficult circumstances as she created history for Ukraine with her stunning performance scoring 20.950.

Ayse Onbasi (TUR), the reigning World Champion, vastly improved her result from the qualifying round to win the silver medal with a very confident, dynamic and entertaining performance.

Also writing Aerobic Gymnastics history, Nea Kivela (FIN) is the first Finnish IW to qualify for a World Championship final. Kivela took this a step further to win the Bronze medalwith her graceful and well-controlled performance. We witnessed an emotional display of excitement, pride and support from Kivela’s Finnish teammates.

Both Maelys Lenclos (FRA) and Daria Mihaiu (ROM) finished the competition with a score of 19.950, with Lenclos narrowly taking 4th place due to her higher execution score. Dora Akoshegyi (HUN) improved upon her qualifying performance to place 6th with a score of 19.200.

Nora Elhennawy (EGY) is now the first ever Egyptian Aerobic Gymnast to qualify for a World Championship final. Her talents and achievements are sure to raise the profile of Aerobic Gymnastics in Egypt. Elhennawy placed 7th, followed by a powerful routine by Italy’s Sara Cutini in 8th place.

Congratulations to all gymnasts, coaches and their support teams!

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