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Continental talent set to surprise in Pesaro

After a highly successful outing at the recent world championships, our European aerobic gymnasts are set to meet again this week in commencement of the Aerobic European championships. Hosted in Pesaro, the championships will welcome athletes from 22 countries, who will all be battling for the prestigious title of being the Aerobic European Champion.

While the last year and a half has been a troubling one for all associated with the sport, the highly anticipated return of spectators is set to lift the spirits of all athletes. Particularly for the Junior athletes, parents, friends and family all have the opportunity to watch their loved ones thrive on the biggest stage.

Many countries, including Great Britain, Finland and Greece, are returning to their first major international of the year, as they were unable to travel to the world championships in Baku. We expect both of these nations to challenge in the age group competition, with both fielding a new generation of exceptional athletes across all categories.

While sometimes the results/podium rankings can often become repetitive in previous years, we believe that 2021 will be a year of real change. There has been magnificently talented gymnasts coming from all over Europe, and we would like to share with you three of our favourites which have the potential to medal across the categories.

3. Hungary

After taking home three 2021 world championships medals in the age group two category, Hungary announced themselves as a top nation in the Junior competition. Ilona Goergenyi impressed in Baku, and will be looking to collect her second international medal of the year in the individual women category. All competitors have started the year off very impressively, however we believe they all have the potential to push for an even higher place in Pesaro.

2. Bulgaria

A nation very quickly rising in aerobics, Bulgaria have the potential to dominate the European championships with some very unique routines. A nation for years prided on their ability to convey passion and pride on the floor, the next generation have continued with this. Our biggest tip would be to keep an eye out for Borislava Ivanova in both the IW and MP category.

1. Russia

The overall dominant force of the world championships, Russia will be arriving in Italy with the sole intention to win it all. Their juniors brought home 6 world medals in May, higher than any other nation in the category, and it would be hard to see this not happening again. However, we don’t see it as impossible. As mentioned earlier the competitors are improving everyday, and Russia have to be at their very best, or those medals won’t be going home with them.

Our honourable mention is the Italian national team, who have shown this year an immense amount of quality, and with the Italian crowd backing the hosts we believe they could be top competitors for a place on the podium.

We would also like to congratulate all athletes for qualifying for the championships. It takes years of hard work and dedication to qualify for competitions like this, and all participant should be incredibly proud of themselves.

We look forward to seeing you all in Pesaro!

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