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Ayse Onbasi returns with Latin Rhythms for World Championships

The turkish athlete, known for her exceptional performances and magnetic presence on the floor, announced her retirement following the European Championship held in Antalya. However, her departure from the sport was short-lived. Encouraged by her family, Onbasi decided to make a comeback with her sights set on the World Championship in Italy.

Onbasi's return is eagerly anticipated, especially after her stellar performance in 2021, where she clinched the world title. Her routine, set to the vibrant "Bemba Colora" by Celia Cruz, captivated audiences and judges alike, showcasing her ability to blend athleticism with artistry. For her comeback, Onbasi has once again turned to Latin music, a genre she believes resonates deeply with her spirit.

The new music routine, crafted by MeloGym, promises to be an electrifying mix of rhythms. It features a creative fusion of "Drop the Mambo" by Diva Carmina and "Let’s Get Crazy" by Don Omar. This dynamic combination is expected to deliver an energetic and vibrant performance, echoing the qualities that have become Onbasi's trademark.

Since her world championship win in 2016, aerobic gymnastics in Turkey has seen significant growth. Onbasi's visibility and success have played a crucial role in popularizing the sport in the country. Her influence, combined with the diligent efforts of the Turkish Gymnastics Federation, has paved the way for a new generation of athletes to emerge and thrive.

Ayse Onbasi continues her rigorous preparation to represent Turkey at the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championship this September in Pesaro, Italy. With her renewed energy of her Latin-inspired routine, Onbasi is poised to captivate the world stage once more.


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