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PLOVDIV Open 2022

Quality photos, to make your "aerobic performance" last forever!

Few things in the world are capable of entertaining and inspiring people aiming to be better at the same time. Among those things that build memories and drive emotions, is the Aerobic Gymnastics.

As a sports photographer, Melogym has been given the opportunity to be right next to the action, capturing incredible moments, so that people can remember in the future. For this reason, our job is a form of art rather than a task.
After a long break due to Covid-19, we have learned how important it is to photograph special moments. Your memories will be brought to life, it will be easily shared, and therefore, it will last for generations to come. This is our goal!

We are ready to capture your best performance in Plovdiv.

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Aerobic Photographer


Aerobic gymnastics Brazilian 🇧🇷 photojournalist expert. Since 2012 has been covering the
biggest world aerobic events around the world.
This year alone, we delivered an outstanding Press coverage during the Aerobic Gymnastics World Championships in Guimarães, Portugal, South American Championships in Peru.


You can order your photo package filling

the contact form before the event starts.


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