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Potential stars of Pesaro

After 2 long days, the podium training has finally come to an end. The next time our athletes will step onto the stage, they will be performing for their country.

We have had the chance to watch all athletes train on both days and we have to say, every country has massively improved. All have looked fantastic on the floor, and our athletes should be incredibly proud of all the work that they have put in.

With the competition starting in less than 24 hours, it’s hard for us to process all routines and give our opinions about potential ranking. However, the small parts of routines that we have seen have given us a good idea about who could end the competition on top.

So, with that in mind, we would like to talk about our three nations that have impressed us the most, and could be the top performers in the European championships.

3. Italy

As the host nation, Italy will have the home crowd cheering them on across the competition to support this spectacular generation of gymnasts. First off, we have Davide Nacci, after impressive displays in both Plovdiv and Baku, he has shown up in Pesaro looking incredibly prepared to take on the competition. The senior category continues with Anna Bullo. The 2018 world bronze medalist will be hoping to climb on to the podium once again if she performs well this week. The two gymnasts will also be performing together in there avengers themed group, which showed fantastic character from all athletes.

2. Hungary

Returning to the international individual male category for the first time since 2018, Daniel Bali has massively impressed us in his first 2 days training. Alongside this routine, he will also be doing the mixed pair with Fanni Mazacs, and the group routine, both of which were also one of the best we have seen so far. In addition to these routines, they also have a very strong senior trio and junior squad, who we believe could challenge highly this week.

1. Turkey

With a team spearheaded by Ayşe Begüm Onbasi, Turkey have proven to be a team filled with talent and prospects. At both senior and junior, they showed themselves to be top contenders for the podium at the world championships. With the youth of athletes such as Arsan and Onbasi, or the experienced gymnasts like Nihatcan Gul, we expect this team to perform excellently here in Italy.

While we only mentioned three countries, we would also like to say that all nations present today and yesterday greatly caught our eye. It has been a hard period of time with the covid-19 situation, but we applaud all athletes for being exceptionally professional, and working their hardest to prepare for the championships.

We wish all countries and athletes the very best of luck for tomorrow onwards, this competition is an opportunity to show how amazing you are on the stage and we believe you all have the potential to be fantastic!

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